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Available in various scents

Price: $36

Also available in red glass for $40 (not shown)


Soy Candles (made locally)


Currently in stock in Lime and Eggplant

10"  $19

13"  $26

15"  $35 

Candle Holder/Vase


Style: #PC04PL

Color: Plum

Price: $21


Made of natural sea shell of the windowpane oyster, these light and delicate candle holders are hand-crafted in the Philippines. Each piece of shell is hand-cut and wrapped in gold foil for an especially exotic look. Beautifully translucent and opalescent, they provide a soft and shimmery candlelight glow. This Full Bloom Lotus design is large enough to be used with votive candles as well as tealight candles.

Full Bloom Lotus Votive

Bath Salts & Box copy.jpg

Size: 14oz

Price: $26

Verde Bath Salts


Size:6.5 oz

Price: $28

Verde Scented Candle


Size: 4oz

Price: $23

Verde Hand & Body Balm