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Pendant intricately woven with core rattan and natural rope.oven natural fiber in a wave pattern.

Size: 15.5"D X 18.25"H + 5'ROPE

Wattage: 60 watts/Inline Rocker Switch


Natural Fiber Pendant Light


Style: #9282
Size:24rd x 25h
Number of Lights: 5
Description: The warmth of real wood beads and the nice small scale make this piece perfect for accenting a smaller room.
Material: Wrought Iron/ Wood
Finish: Rhine Gold/Dark Wood
Maximum Wattage: 60w
Bulb Type: B
Price: $1190


Nicolette Chandelier


Style: #9256
Size:25rd x 41h
Number of Lights: 6
Description: The Simplicity Chandelier is just that: A simple handsome shape embellished with just the right amount of decorative trim and the result is an outstanding design. The wood is given a Washed Wood finish that is totally in keeping with the design and materials used.
Material: Wood
Finish: Washed Wood
Maximum Wattage: 60w
Bulb Type: B
Price: $1200


Simplicity Chandelier